| July 10 2024

What’s Up with Project 2025: Breaking Down Its Impact on the Black Community

Let’s talk about this new buzz—Project 2025. Spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation, this conservative game plan sketches out what could happen if Trump steps into the White House in 2025. Now, before you roll your eyes thinking this is just another political drama, let me break down why this could

Jade DonovanJade Donovan
| July 5 2024

Stay Radiant and Protected: Must-Have Black-Owned Skincare Products for Hot Days

July is coming in hot, with 19 out of 31 days set to hit over 90 degrees. As we get ready for all the fun at events like That 2000’s Block Party and Broccoli City Festival, we gotta keep our skin protected from sunburn and damage. Even though melanin-rich skin has some natural defense, we’re still n

| June 26 2024

Run Clubs are the New Dating Apps

Navigating the dating scene in bustling DC can be a bit of a maze, especially with its dense population of young, single professionals. The usual go-to’s like Hinge and Bumble often feel like a fruitless journey of endless swiping without finding someone who genuinely sparks your interest. The dynam

| June 22 2024

Understanding the Cost of Bottle Service

Let’s say you have a reason to celebrate, and you’re considering getting bottle service at one of your favorite venues in the city. Many people experience sticker shock when they see the prices on the bottle menu. The most common question is, “Why does a $50 bottle from the liquor store cost $400 in

| June 17 2024

Anna Cobb: The Visionary Behind Rejuvenation Plant-Based Energy Juice

The DMV is home to some amazing Black entrepreneurs, and today, we’re shining a spotlight on one of the most inspiring. Meet Anna Cobb, the visionary behind Rejuvenation Plant-Based Energy Juice. In 2020, Anna launched Rejuvenation after a harrowing experience with a synthetic energy supplement left

Jade DonovanJade Donovan
| June 12 2024

Are You the Only Sneaky Link for Your Sneaky Link?

Navigating the world of sneaky links can be a trip, especially when you’re trying to figure out if you’re the only one. Here’s how you can subtly find out if you’re his one and only:Watch His Communication Style:If his texting game is inconsistent, like he goes MIA at certain times, he might be jugg

| June 5 2024

Living Your Best Life in the DMV: The Real Costs

Alright, let’s talk about what it really takes to live comfortably and happily in the DMV area, particularly in Washington, D.C., which can be quite expensive. Based on recent data, here’s a breakdown of the costs a single person might incur:Housing: The Big Money DrainFirst things first, housing is

Jade DonovanJade Donovan
| May 22 2024

Apple Music Crowns “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” as the Best Album Ever Recorded

In a world where music drops every second and trends change faster than we can keep up, Apple Music has made a bold statement. They’ve crowned Ms. Lauryn Hill’s 1998 gem, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” as the best album ever recorded. Let’s be real – this album has been our anthem, our therapy,

| May 17 2024

How to Help a Friend You Think Is a Silent Victim of Domestic Violence

Social media is in an uproar today following the release of a 2016 video by CNN showing Diddy abusing Cassie in a hotel. This incident, previously mentioned in Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy that was later settled, has now been confirmed by the disturbing footage. The video highlights the severe abu

| May 10 2024

People Are Who They Are; Believe Them When They Show You

“Listen, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Maya Angelou wasn’t just spitting words; she was dropping wisdom. Understanding people isn’t always straightforward, but it’s real simple when you start paying attention to the signs.First Impressions Hold WeightNow, we’ve a

| May 3 2024

Embrace the Glow with Black-Owned Skincare Brands at Sephora This Summer

Summer’s rolling in, and you know what that means—it’s time to level up the skincare routine as the sun starts flexing a little harder. And while we’re at it, let’s talk real for a minute. According to McKinsey & Company, only 4–7% of beauty brands in our usual shopping spots are Black-owned, and th

| April 26 2024

Automatic Refunds for Canceled Flights

New Airline Regulations to Boost Passenger RightsThe Biden administration has introduced a set of new regulations aimed at enhancing consumer protections for airline passengers. These changes, which represent the most substantial expansion of passenger rights in the history of the Department of Tran

| April 24 2024

The TikTok Ban Bill Is Official! What’s Next?

In recent moves by the U.S. Congress, TikTok, a vibrant hub for millions of users, faces a significant challenge. The newly passed legislation mandates that TikTok must disconnect from its parent company, ByteDance, within a year. This decision emerged from national security concerns woven into a he

Jamaal BennerJamaal Benner
| April 17 2024

Refund Check Looking a Lil Light? Here’s Why

Your tax refund might be looking a little skinny this year, and if you’re trippin’ about where that extra cash dipped off to, you’re in the same boat with a bunch of other folks. Let’s break it down real quick. Back in late 2017, when Trump was President, he rolled out this big ol’ Tax Cuts and Jobs

| April 16 2024

The Flow Show- Episode 004 w. Jae Murphy

| April 16 2024

Meet Omo Akintoye: The Entrepreneur Behind MUSA Eyewear

As temperatures rise and we venture outdoors, the array of events—from Brunch to Broccoli City, the 2000s Block Party to Litty in the City—invites us to not only protect our eyes with stylish sunglasses but also to use them as essential accessories to complete our outfits. In this engaging context,

Jamaal BennerJamaal Benner
| April 12 2024

Tax Season 2024: Last Minute Key Tax Deadlines and Deductions

If you usually leave your filing until the last minute, you’re not alone. A survey found that almost one-third of all Americans (32%) wait until the last minute to file their taxes. The deadline for submitting your taxes is rapidly approaching, and there are several critical considerations to bear i

| April 5 2024

You’ve Been Ghosted, Here’s How Beyoncé Can Help

Beyoncé’s Anthems of Empowerment: A Guide to Overcoming Being GhostedWe have all been ghosted or maybe ghosted someone, leaving us to navigate the complex emotional aftermath of sudden silence. Yet, amidst the shadows of unanswered texts and vanished presences, Beyoncé’s discography shines as a beac

| April 5 2024



Jade DonovanJade Donovan
| April 2 2024

The Perfect Spring Date Ideas in Baltimore

Baltimore offers a plethora of spring date ideas that cater to various interests, ensuring a memorable experience for couples. Whether you’re into arts, nature, adventure, or simply looking for a casual night out, the city has something special for everyone.Art and Cultural Dates:Baltimore Museum of

| March 29 2024

7 Black Women-Owned Businesses to Support This Weekend

As we approach the final weekend of Women’s History Month, let’s seize the opportunity to celebrate and support Black Women-Owned businesses. To make your weekend shopping more impactful, we’ve curated a list of seven outstanding businesses owned by Black women that deserve your patronage. This is a

Jade DonovanJade Donovan
| March 27 2024

Deciphering the Subtle Art of Manipulation: A Guide to Recognizing the Unseen

In the intricate dance of human interaction, discerning the intentions of others can sometimes feel akin to navigating a labyrinth in the dark. This is particularly true when it comes to identifying a manipulator at the outset of an acquaintance. While the task may appear daunting, there are nuanced

Jade DonovanJade Donovan
| March 25 2024

How to Secure More Money at Work… Salary Negotiation Tips

So, here at MVEMNT, we’re totally invested in making sure you not only secure the bag but that you’re grabbing one that’s hefty and fitting for all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Now, talking about upping your salary game might not be as straightforward as swiping on a dating app, but trust m

Jade DonovanJade Donovan
| March 22 2024

The Perfect Spring Date Ideas in DC

As the nation’s capital shakes off the winter chill, Washington, DC, blossoms into a haven of outdoor activities, cultural events, and scenic beauty, making it the perfect backdrop for romantic springtime adventures. Whether you’re in the flush of a new romance or rekindling the flame of a longstand