Are You the Only Sneaky Link for Your Sneaky Link?

Written on 06/12/2024
Jade Donovan

Navigating the world of sneaky links can be a trip, especially when you’re trying to figure out if you’re the only one. Here’s how you can subtly find out if you’re his one and only:

Watch His Communication Style:

    • If his texting game is inconsistent, like he goes MIA at certain times, he might be juggling more than just you.

    Social Media Sleuthing:

      • Peep his social media without being too obvious. Is he liking and commenting on a bunch of other girls’ pics? Or getting tagged in posts that seem a little too friendly? Those are clues, sis.

      Listen for Slip-Ups:

        • People sometimes spill tea by accident. Pay attention if his stories don’t add up or if he mentions plans you didn’t know about.

        Read His Behavior:

          • Notice if he’s always “busy” or bailing on plans last minute. If he’s got more excuses than a toddler at bedtime, he might be spreading himself thin.

          Talk About Other People:

            • Casually bring up exclusivity or ask about his weekend. If he gets all defensive or changes the subject real quick, it’s a red flag.

            Mutual Friends Intel:

              • If you have mutual friends, sometimes they drop hints without even knowing. Just don’t get too many people involved; we don’t need the drama.

              Trust Your Intuition:

                • Girl, trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is.

                Set Boundaries:

                  • Make it clear what you want. If you’re looking for exclusivity, let him know. His reaction will tell you a lot.

                  Remember, if the situationship isn’t giving you the peace of mind you need, it’s okay to re-evaluate. Honesty and clear communication are key, even in a sneaky link setup.