Meet Omo Akintoye: The Entrepreneur Behind MUSA Eyewear

Written on 04/16/2024

As temperatures rise and we venture outdoors, the array of events—from Brunch to Broccoli City, the 2000s Block Party to Litty in the City—invites us to not only protect our eyes with stylish sunglasses but also to use them as essential accessories to complete our outfits. In this engaging context, we sit down with Omo Akintoye, a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur based in Atlanta. Originally from Nigeria, Omo has carved a niche in various industries, including technology, real estate, and fashion. As the founder of the MUSA brand, he currently oversees most of its operations, steering the brand toward becoming a significant name in the luxury eyewear industry.

In our conversation, Omo shares the genesis of MUSA, born out of a casual suggestion during the pandemic and evolving into a brand that embodies empowerment and style. He discusses the challenges of entering a market dominated by well-established names, the philosophy behind MUSA’s design, and his aspirations to expand the brand’s presence globally while staying true to its roots in celebrating regal heritage. Join us as Omo Akintoye delves into the world of luxury eyewear through MUSA, a brand that champions diversity and elegance.

Can you introduce yourself and briefly describe your role at MUSA? My name is Omo Akintoye, originally from Nigeria and currently based in Atlanta. I’m a serial entrepreneur involved in tech, real estate, fashion, travel, consulting, marketing, and events, among others. I am the founder of the MUSA brand and currently manage most of its operations. 

 What sparked the initial idea for MUSA? Can you share the story behind its inception? The idea for MUSA originated four years ago during the pandemic when several friends suggested I start my own fashion brand. Initially uncertain about the products, I explored men’s and women’s bags. After a year of research, I found the business unviable due to low demand and poor profit margins. Quality assurance was also problematic and costly. Eventually, I shifted my focus to something that felt authentic to me and required less effort to sell. One day, while preparing for a party, the idea of branding sunglasses struck me. After two years of development and positive feedback on my samples, I launched MUSA.

What attracted you to the luxury eyewear industry, and what gaps did you aim to fill with MUSA’s offerings? Eyewear often completes an outfit, adding character regardless of the attire. Noticing that most luxury eyewear brands are owned by Italian conglomerates like Gucci, Prada, and Dior, I saw an opportunity for black creators. My brand aims to empower people of color, reminding them of their regal heritage, which is often overlooked by mainstream brands. 

How would you characterize the design philosophy and style aesthetics of MUSA eyewear? MUSA eyewear features multiple designs to suit different face shapes, with a primary focus on sleek and retro aesthetics. The designs are intentionally neutral to complement various outfits, enhanced by captivating lenses that don’t require excessive embellishment. 

What have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced while establishing and growing MUSA? One of the main challenges has been managing supply and demand, determining popular models, and deciding the frequency of orders and updates to our product lines. Additionally, figuring out sales channels beyond online platforms, scaling the business, forming partnerships, and managing marketing, production, and shipping costs have been significant hurdles. 

Looking ahead, where do you envision MUSA in the next five years? What are your aspirations for the brand? In the next five years, I see MUSA expanding into retail stores in the US and Africa, reflecting our focus on the African diaspora. I plan to integrate fashion-centered events featuring our eyewear to elevate the brand experience. 

How do you ensure that MUSA stays ahead in the competitive market of luxury eyewear? MUSA remains competitive by partnering with brands that resonate with our target market—people known for their distinctive style. We cater to fashion-savvy individuals who prioritize how an outfit is assembled over brand names alone. I’m confident that our eyewear suits every occasion, maintaining our edge in the market.

Omo Akintoye’s journey with MUSA is a compelling story of innovation, resilience, and cultural pride. From its tentative beginnings during a global pandemic to its burgeoning role in the luxury eyewear market, MUSA stands as a testament to Omo’s vision of empowering people of color and celebrating their heritage through fashion. As MUSA looks to expand its footprint into retail stores across the US and Africa, and through fashion-centered events, Omo continues to push the boundaries, ensuring that the brand not only meets the aesthetic needs of its clientele but also resonates deeply with their cultural identities. With a clear vision and a strong commitment to quality and inclusivity, MUSA is poised to redefine the luxury eyewear landscape.

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