Ladies Is Pimp's Too | TequilaTlk!

On this episode WalkLikeWalt & JasCooper sit down to discuss a good amount of things that were going on in the world and in their live. This episode was recorded right after the crew's first live show and after the thanksgiving weekend. So some things might be old but its still a fun show.

Some topics include:

  • Crew Breaks Down The Live Show
  • The Night Before Thanksgiving!
  • Jas Shares Tips On How To Move In The Club
  • Macaulay Culkin Is The Goat
  • A Rise Of Young Men Not Being Able To Get Up?!
  • Guy Fits A Gun In His Butt?!
  • A Quick Game Of Drinking Problems
  • & Much Much More

Enjoy the show!!! Watch on youtube to see the full episode as well!