First Date Fly Outs!? (Feat. Yomi) | TequilaTlk!

On this episode WalkLikeWalt is joined by Yomi of the SipHappensss show which is produced by XIIDC. Jas Coop could not make the sure so Yomi joins Walt to talk about a good number of different topics. They laugh at certain video clips and Yomi has questions for Walt about men which Walt does what he does for that.

Some Topics Include:

  • "Fly Me Out" Dating App
  • Teacher Caught Filming Porn In Classroom
  • Doing Dumb Stuff During Sex
  • Position Of The Week
  • Vivica Fox Looking For A Boyfriend
  • Yomi Learns About Men Tricking
  • & Much Much More

Be sure to follow @Yomiiraaa_ and her show @SipHappensss. Walt & Yomi had a fun episode be sure to leave reviews of the show.