Tequila Drinking In The Matrix! (Feat. Paco Panama)

On this episode our hosts are joined by an artist who has been making noise not only in the DMV area but nationwide. Paco is the first guest to come to our new studio home and set up to have some fun with us. On this show we get to know Paco Panama more as well as bring up other topics:

Show Consists Of:

  • Paco Panama Interview
  • Panama City Bday Concert
  • Paco's Diverse Fanbase
  • Game Of Truth Or Shot
  • Shot Question Of The Week
  • Telling Your Partner Your Ex Was Better In Bed?
  • & Much Much More!

Thanks for Paco Panama For Joining The Show! Get Your Tickets For Panama City Concert On Feb 16th. Also, Grab Your Tickets For The TequilaTlk Live Show!